RFP 2021 – 18th annual meeting of the French Phonology Network

The French Phonology Network (Réseau français de phonologie) is launching a call for papers for its 2020 annual conference (https://rfp2020.sciencesconf.org) The 2020 edition will take place from the 1st to the 3rd of July in Clermont-Ferrand (France) and will be organized by the Laboratoire de Recherche sur le Langage (E.A. 999 – Université Clermont Auvergne).

Submissions from any school or theoretical framework of phonology are welcome. Topics of interest may relate to phonology in general or in specific language, in synchronic or in diachronic dimensions. Issues focusing on phonology and its interfaces, epistemology, descriptive phonology, experimental phonology, phonological modelling or formalism are awaited.

As the conference is bilingual French/English, we encourage (when possible) people to speak in one of these languages and to provide a handout or slides in the other.



-       Helen Andreassen (The Arctic University of Norway)

-       Sabine Arndt-Lappe (University of Trier)

-       Sophie Kern (Université Lyon 2 – DDL (UMR 5596))



Abstracts can be written in French or English. Abstracts should not exceed two pages in length (A4 pages, TimesNewRoman or similar, size 11, single-spaced), including references, tables and figures. Anonymous PDF abstracts should be submitted on the RFP2020 site at this address (https://rfp2020.sciencesconf.org). YOU NEED TO LOG IN TO SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT.

All abstracts will be reviewed by at least two referees.



Deadline for submission: March 15 2020 EXTENDED TO April 1st
Notification of acceptance: May 15 2020
Conference: July 1-3



J.-P. Angoujard (U. de Nantes, PR)

M. Lahrouchi (U. Paris 8, CR)

X. Barillot (U. de Nice, MCF)

B. Laks (U. Paris 10, PR)

J.-M. Beltzung (U. de Nantes, MCF)

N. Lampitelli (U. de Tours, MCF)

S. Bendjaballah (U. de Nantes, DR)

J. Lowenstamm (U. Paris 7, PR)

G. Bergounioux (U. d’Orléans, PR)

X. Luo (U. d’Orléans, MCF)

J. Brandao de Carvalho (U. Paris 8, PR)

N. Nguyen (U. d’Aix-Marseille, PR)

J. Bucci (U. de Grenoble Alpes, Post-doc)

R. Noske (U. de Lille, MCF)

E. Caratini (U. de Poitiers, MCF)

D. Passino (U. de Nice, PR)

D. Chabanal (U. Clermont Auvergne, PR)

C. Patin (U. de Lille, MCF)

Q. Dabouis (U. Clermont Auvergne, MCF)

T. Prince (U. de Toulouse, contractuelle)

C. Dos Santos (U. de Tours, MCF)

A. Rialland (U. Paris 3, DR)

J. Dufour (U. de Strasbourg, MCF)

O. Rizzolo (U. de Nice, MCF))

J. Durand (U. Toulouse 2, PR)

M. Russo (U. Lyon 3, PR)

G. Enguehard (U. d’Orléans, MCF)

S. Ruvoletto (U. de Lorraine, MCF)

R. Fathi (U. de Nantes, Post-doc)

T. Scheer (U. de Nice, DR)

N. Faust (U. Paris 8, MCF)

Ph. Ségéral (U. Paris 7, MCF)

S. Ferré (U. de Tours, MCF)

A. Tifrit (U. de Nantes, MCF)

J.-M. Fournier (U. de Tours, PR)

F. Torres-Tamarit (U. Paris 8, CR)

D. Le Gac (U. de Rouen, MCF)

N. Trapateau (U. de Nice, MCF)

S. Herment (U. d’Aix-Marseille, PR)

S. Ulfsbjorninn (U. of Deusto, Assistant Professor)

M. D’Imperio (Rutgers U., Professor)

N. Vallée (U. de Grenoble Alpes, CR)

H. Jacobs (U. Radboud (NL), PR)

L. Voeltzel (U. Paris Nanterre, ATER)

A. Jatteau (U. de Lille, MCF)

S. Wauquier (U. Paris 8, PR)

J.-L. Léonard (U. Montpellier 3, PR)

N. Yamaguchi (U. Paris 3, MCF)

L. Labrune (U. Bordeaux 3, PR)


Contact: quentin.dabouis@uca.fr
The conference will take place in the Université Clermont d’Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand (France).

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